Somethin's brewin'

When I think of new work, I usually think in terms of a series – how the pieces will all interact with each other. I like to dream on a large scale so the following “first sketches" are ideas I am developing for two separate shows. This process allows me to create within the framework of a bigger picture - a reason behind the individual pieces. 

I usually wouldn't publish this online, but I think it's an important to understand how I go about developing new work. The vision, concept and big picture thinking comes first, then it's all about execution. It's fun to see what shifts throughout the process but also how the original vision comes to life. 

Next series: The Poeima Chronicles 
The next series I want to develop is called "The Poeima Chronicles". This series' purpose is all about creating art rapid fire. I am going to focus on 7 greek words, and create work around their meanings, visions and the feelings they invoke in me. My plan is to search for aerial views that speak to me through the word meaning, then go to the cactus garden near my house and pick out plants that also seem like that word to me. I want to create about 3-4 paintings per word. The goal is to explore my mediums,  expression and word meditation.


Bigger vision show: Hold it in Your Hands
The next series is all based on my Kauai trip. I am calling the working title "Hold it in your hands". I view this as painting and installation. Large overgrown trees with the aerial views I captured from the helicopter ride I took over Kauai. The goal is lush, wildness, paintings taller and wider than any human being. phones or cameras allowed. I've been struck by the new Instagram art trend where museums, restaurants and public spaces are specifically creating work for our social media obsessed culture. There is something fundamentally wrong about that....Still working that out in my head and why it bothers me so much, but this show would be entirely technology free. You will have to sit with the work: just you and yourself, in silence - a forced presence. Of course there are layers of irony in all of it but, I'm excited to see what it's all about and how people respond.