About wilder still

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Wild the hedge grows, wild the spring, wild the yellow hammers sing, wild the roaring of the sea, wilder still the blood in me. – Colin McCahon

If the wilderness is labeled and mapped out, is it truly wild anymore? I explore

this question by manipulating topographical wilderness maps to focus on specific

correlations between organs of our human body and the natural and urban

landscapes around us.

Escaping to a mapped out wilderness emphasizes our need for balance between

wildness and rest, adventure and security, spontaneity and control. There is a

terrifying, beautiful and awkward tension between the soul, flesh, and land when

engrossed in wildness. Are the imaginary fences and boundaries built around

each entity helpful or damaging for our growing culture of isolation?

The found materials that are used within these pieces are collected from different

landscapes around Los Angeles County. I am fascinated by our inherent need to

experience nature while living in an urban metropolis. What is it we are striving

for when we escape to the mountains, the sea, and the woods? Can we experience

the same sublime reaction in our urban setting?